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    North Star Cyber Security was founded to create the perfect blend of a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and a Cyber Security Consultancy in one. We propose new ideas alongside solid foundations, to offer professionalism and excellence in cyber security services for companies, 365 days a year.

The Team

Our Co-Founders began North Star Cyber Security to create a consultancy that proposes new ideas alongside solid foundations, to offer professionalism and excellence in cyber security services for companies, 365 days a year. This ethos stems from over 15 years working in the security and intelligence services for the Ministry of Defence and cyber security industry, delivering large international cyber security projects, together with 17 years of setting up successful sale offices across the south of England.

Our board of advisors have a wealth of experience in cyber security, ranging from positions such as, Chief Information Security Officer for one of the largest gas mains and services in Scotland and the South of England, Managing Director of a data protection law firm and one of the top UK strategic development advisors.

Our team of consultants range from penetration testers, cyber security analysts, information security consultants and Chief Information Security Officers, holding qualifications such as Crest CRT, Crest CRTIA, CISM, ISO27001 Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor.

We ensure each member of our team has time every month to consistently learn new and evolving skills needed to ensure the highest measures of technical knowledge is met.

Our Approach

We believe that cyber security should become part of every persons daily routine, much how you would lock your doors and windows at night, the same should be done with ensuring you do not have easy to guess passwords or easy access to attackers. Whether you are at home or in the office cyber security should become a natural habit.

We help our clients to take this approach to their company and teach organisations to do the basics well, whist at the same time we provide services across all areas of cyber security from the deeply technical solutions to the strategic compliance issues companies face.

North Star Cyber Security offers a peace of mind approach to our clients by managing your cyber security 365 days a year, this is tailored to fit any organisation, no matter how small or large we can provide a solution to help keep you protected.

Our Clients

Cyber attacks and breaches can and do affect all industries. If you have a website, computer, store client information, use mechanical/electrical equipment, store personal data, mobile phone, have a yacht or even have a Wi-Fi kettle, then you could be at risk of a cyber attack!

Attackers do not discriminate against their targets and neither do we, North Star Cyber Security has a passion for assisting companies against cyber attacks no matter what sector they are in.

Our Partners

Although we are experts in many areas of cyber security, we realise there are some fantastic services and products that are on the market already. We have partnered with these organisations to bring these products to our consumers, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality at all times.

We partner with a range of trusted IT consultancies, high end software companies and other businesses with specialist and unique services.

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