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    Government accredited scheme, defending against common threats that demonstrates to you and your customers your commitment to cyber security

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Cyber Essentials Pricing


  • Great for organisations who are ready to certify
  • Free retest
  • No support
  • Certificate

Pay monthly £100 upfront, £25/month remaining amount


  • Great for organisations who have some controls in place
  • 2 hours support
  • Free retest
  • Certificate cost £290

Pay monthly  £100 upfront, £45/month remaining amount

Full Support

  • Great for organisations with no knowledge of cyber security controls
  • On-site and remote support
  • Free retest
  • Certificate £290

Pay monthly £100 upfront, £100/month remaining amount

Cyber Essentials Plus Pricing


  • Great for organisations who are ready to certify
  • Free retest
  • Certificate
  • Onsite or remote

Discounted £1000*
Normal Price £1350
Pay monthly £100 upfront, 110/month remaining amount


  • Great for organisations who need for support and consultancy
  • Different options available

Price available on request

When purchased before 31st December 2020, the discounted price will be guaranteed for the next 3 years

Key Benefits

  • Quality Assured
  • Latest Gov Regulations Standard
  • Affordable Costs
  • Secure Portal Access
  • Prove Protection Against Hacks and Phishing
  • Genuine Certification and Badge Provided

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials’ accreditations are crucial documentation proving your companies’ safety and security against cyber
hacking. Cyber essentials has two grades of verification Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. Both have been
specifically created to assist businesses of all sizes with preventing and blocking cyber attacks adhering to Gov
Assurance Framework guidelines.

Why Do I Need Cyber Essentials?

1 in 5 businesses do not have sufficient security prevention and protection, and with the prevalence of cyber attacks and
the extensive costs to repair a breach such as this, it’s a vital certification to have. This will ensure that targeted
strategies and the latest cyber security will be implemented in all aspects of your business.

How Does Cyber Essentials Work?

Implementing Cyber Essentials is an easy and accessible process where you’ll be applying for an independently verified
self-assessment through the form of an online questionnaire, approved by a senior team member. Once your
application has been submitted, North Star Cyber Security will review it and your business will be awarded the
regulatory certificates and emblems if successful, to be showcased on your company website or equivalent.

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