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    Hackers are around 365 days a year. Staying cyber secure requires continuous protection, detection, training and testing through a range of highly qualified professionals and advanced tools. North Star Cyber Security have developed a managed security service, Cyber Secure, that encompasses a full end to end cyber security solution. Cyber Secure provides customers with comfort and reassurance that their business is safe from the ever evolving security threats organisations face.


We understand not every solution is right for all clients and have adapted our services to reflect this. Cyber Secure 360 combines all aspects of security for a complete solution. If you are looking for a bespoke solution please Get in Touch, and one of our consultants will discuss options.


More than half of British businesses witnessed cyber attacks in 2019 this is up 40% from 2018. Here at North Star Cyber Security we understand this threat and have adapted our approach to deal with these cyber-attacks.
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Since January 2019 over 7000 vulnerabilities have been discovered. Cyber-attacks are happening on a daily basis and new vulnerabilities are being discovered every minute. Do you know if your business is protected against these weaknesses?
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Threats come from any level in an organisation, and higher-level employees with more access are often a bigger threat. According to a Dell study which surveyed cyber security professionals, 59% listed managers as one of the biggest insider threats in cyber security.
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Almost 1 in 5 IT managers reported that they were unaware of how Cyber Essentials compliance could help their business, with 10% unsure of whether their company even had the certificate. Does your organisation have a Cyber Essentials Certification?
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Our Cyber Secure™ packages ensure clients have 24/7/365 protection. This specific package give peace of mind to our clients, they can call anytime or advice or guidance when it comes to cyber security matters no matter how technical.
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90% of data breaches are caused by human error. This can be through unaware employees, untrained staff or even untrained technical staff.
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More than 77% of organisations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan. An estimated 54% of companies say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months.
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Studies found that companies took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach. One company even took 9 years to discover they had been hacked. Could you afford to wait this long?
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