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    More than half of British businesses witnessed cyber attacks in 2019 this is up 40% from 2018. Here at North Star Cyber Security we understand this threat and have adapted our approach to deal with these cyber-attacks.

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Key Benefits

  • All round cyber security protection
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Discover all your vulnerabilities
  • 365 day monitoring
  • Experienced on hand security team
  • Harden companies defences
  • High level of staff awareness

A Comprehensive
Cyber Security Solution

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive 360 cyber security solution in the UK. We look at every angle of cyber security ranging from attack, defence, to information security and staff training. Our clients are provided with an on-hand team 365 days a year to deal with any incidents or cyber security related issues.

We use a combination of all of our unique Cyber Secure packages to keep your business protected to the highest degree. The team that will be supporting your business will be made from CREST qualified testing consultants through to Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) with a wealth of experience.

Key Service Features

  • Detect, Protect, Respond, Identify & Recover all in one service
  • Advanced software and experienced consultants providing continuous protection
  • Real time threat intelligence feeds monitoring vulnerabilities
  • Tailored to your organisation to suit your requirements

Why This Approach?

Cyber Security has been long considered a requirement for compliance or a one-off project. Due to the nature of the current threats, this is not enough. Companies need to protect themselves 365 days a year from a multitude of different angles.

2019 saw a huge rise in attacks in all areas, from attackers targeting businesses websites, infrastructure, staff and cloud. A new approach to cyber security is needed, one that looks at all areas of the business all year round.

We can identify the threats that your company
will be facing and can adapt our approach
to deal with these specific cyber-attacks.

Why Choose
North Star Cyber Security?

We have a new approach to cyber security and protecting businesses against cyber-attacks. One in five businesses do not have cyber security tests and the other four are only being tested once a year. At North Star we provide managed security services for all of our clients, this approach ensures our clients are protected in all areas of cyber security 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Not only this but we will tailor our packages and testing to individual industry and client specifics. Our consultants have years of industry experience and hold qualifications from CREST, ISO27001, CISM and more. Testing or monitoring your cyber assets once a year is no longer sufficient, there are new threats being found on a daily basis.