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    Since January 2020 over 7000 vulnerabilities have been discovered. Cyber-attacks are happening on a daily basis and new vulnerabilities are being discovered every minute. Do you know if your business is protected against these weaknesses?

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk of attack
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Discover all your vulnerabilities
  • Continuous Testing
  • 72 hours reporting on the most severe threats
  • Retesting of fixed vulnerabilities

A Comprehensive
Infrastructure Test

We provide our clients with a full detailed penetration test of their website and external infrastructure to find all known vulnerabilities at the time. We use the OWASP Top 10 to begin and then look further into the web application & network to see what else can be found. After we send a full report and work with our clients to remediate any issues.

This is where most companies stop…..Instead, through our links into threat intelligence resources we search for new vulnerabilities daily. On finding a vulnerability, we aim to test our client’s site within 72 hours rather than waiting a year. This gives our clients peace of mind.

Key Service Features

  • Test performed by CREST certified testers
  • The most comprehensive scanning tools on the market combined with expert manual testing
  • Real time threat intelligence feeds monitoring vulnerabilities
  • Detailed reporting, within 72 hours on severe issues and monthly ongoing reports
  • Tailored to your organisation to suit your requirements

Why This Approach?

Security testing has been regarded as a requirement for compliance as opposed to ensuring businesses are secure. Many businesses only test their systems once a year, this leaves businesses vulnerable to 1000’s of attacks.

A company’s website or external infrastructure is usually the first point of attack for hackers, this is why there is an over whelming need to ensure these areas are secure, not just for one day but for every day.

We can identify the threats that your company
will be facing and can adapt our approach
to deal with these specific cyber-attacks.

Why Choose
North Star Cyber Security?

We have a new approach to cyber security and protecting businesses against cyber-attacks. One in five businesses do not have cyber security tests and the other four are only being tested once a year. At North Star we provide managed security services for all of our clients, this approach ensures our clients are protected in all areas of cyber security 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Not only this but we will tailor our packages and testing to individual industry and client specifics. Our consultants have years of industry experience and hold qualifications from CREST, ISO27001, CISM and more. Testing or monitoring your cyber assets once a year is no longer sufficient, there are new threats being found on a daily basis.