• Cyber Secure™
    Monitoring & Detection

    Studies found that companies took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach. One company even took 9 years to discover they had been hacked. Could you afford to wait this long?

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Key Benefits

  • Minimize Data Breaches
  • Knowing Who Your Adversaries Are With Threat Intelligence
  • Significantly reduce downtime for your company
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Evaluate the performance of existing security controls

What is
Cyber Secure™ Detect?

Cyber Secure™ Monitoring & Detect suits a range of businesses from users with small offices all the way to large organisations with thousands of users. We combine a mix of the latest Security Incident Event Management software alongside highly skilled and trained analysts to monitor and detect threats on your networks. Initially we will conduct a pattern of life review to understand what is normal for your business, this will safeguard against false positives and ensure we only identify real threats to your organisation. Our detection team works alongside our CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analysts to ensure our team is ready for any likely attack your organisation may face.

Key Service Features

  • Ex military cyber security analysts monitoring your systems
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and detection
  • Purple team engagements to test defences
  • Latest cyber security software to reduce impact on business
  • Tailored to your organisation to give you what you need

Why This Approach?

Many organisations do not monitor their systems for threats, this is mainly due to costs or being unaware of the dangers to their systems. Our unique monitoring product, alongside our team of ex-military analysts protect businesses all year round. North Star Cyber Security will be monitoring your systems 24 hours a day and detecting any threats that may cause harm. Together with our Cyber Secure Response we ensure your business is as prepared, ready and protected as it can be.

Here at North Star Cyber Security we understand that businesses need to focus on what they are good at. We take on your cyber security problems to give you peace of mind you stay protected.

Why Choose
North Star Cyber Security?

We have a new approach to cyber security and protecting businesses against cyber-attacks. One in five businesses do not have cyber security tests and the other four are only being tested once a year. At North Star we provide managed security services for all of our clients, this approach ensures our clients are protected in all areas of cyber security 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Not only this but we will tailor our packages and testing to individual industry and client specifics. Our consultants have years of industry experience and hold qualifications from CREST, ISO27001, CISM and more. Testing or monitoring your cyber assets once a year is no longer sufficient, there are new threats being found on a daily basis.