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    More than 77% of organisations do not have a Cyber Security Incident Response plan. An estimated 54% of companies say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months.

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Key Benefits

  • Staff trained in how to deal with a cyber attack
  • Peace of mind that a trained incident response team is on hand
  • Significantly reduce downtime for your company
  • Maintain public trust in the face of an emergency
  • Remain in Compliance

Implementing an
Effective Plan

We start with implementing an effective plan that your business can use if a cyber attack occurs, you will know who will be responsible and what immediate action to take should it happen. Our team of highly skilled individuals with years of experience dealing in high pressure situations will be on call 24 hours a day should the worst happen. North Star Cyber Security will not only help you create the plan, but we will also run a simulation cyber attack to test your incident response plan, this will be conducted without the knowledge of the majority of staff and at different levels. This will ensure you are ready for when a real attack does happen.

Key Service Features

  • Effective incident response plan
  • 24 hours on call incident response team
  • Cyber attack simulations throughout the year
  • Technical experts to help quarantine the attack and investigate after
  • Tailored to your organisation to give you what you need

Why This Approach?

More often than not companies take a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach to cyber security. The cost of dealing with an incident and a cyber attack after it has exploited your network and systems is expediential and the cost and damaging effect only gets larger as time goes on. North Star will be on hand to deal with any cyber attacks as quick as possible, alongside this all staff will have training in how to deal with a cyber attack and how to react fast.

Here at North Star Cyber Security we understand that businesses need to focus on what they are good at. We take on your cyber security problems to give you peace of mind you stay protected.

Why Choose
North Star Cyber Security?

We have a new approach to cyber security and protecting businesses against cyber-attacks. One in five businesses do not have cyber security tests and the other four are only being tested once a year. At North Star we provide managed security services for all of our clients, this approach ensures our clients are protected in all areas of cyber security 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Not only this but we will tailor our packages and testing to individual industry and client specifics. Our consultants have years of industry experience and hold qualifications from CREST, ISO27001, CISM and more. Testing or monitoring your cyber assets once a year is no longer sufficient, there are new threats being found on a daily basis.