Cloud Security - Where do we go from here?

Cloud Security - Where do we go from here?

Cloud providers have certainly flourished in the previous decade and there is nothing to suggest that this exponential growth is going to reverse any time soon. A recent SANS article by Deb Radcliffe, ‘Breaches in the Cloud and Why Blame Matters’, touches on what appears to be the cause of the majority of cloud security breaches.

Anyone who has configured a cloud platform will appreciate the complexity of the task. Understandably, there are many more configurations and controls than you may find if you were to replace a physical server on your existing network. Due to its infancy, many of us are not as familiar with cloud services as we are with physical infrastructure.

As Deb mentions, the issues reside with us, within our mental approach. It has been suggested that up to 95% of cloud breaches occur due to human errors. No matter how many one hundred-page documents are produced, the underlying cause is not being dealt with. I hypothesise that combined responsibility and ownership by all those involved in the conception and implementation of a cloud service, consisting of an end configuration assurance process by the cloud provider, will lead to a decrease in security issues. The technical documentation will always be required to enable correct implantation, but we must also consider the human aspect of this process, as with most cyber security issues, us humans will often be the weak link.

Technical skills...

The technical skills required to work in this area are immense and there is a great deal of talented individuals able to carry out such amazing work. The gap here doesn’t belong in the technical domain but is more of a shift in psychology. In an age where we are seeing 100 million customer financial records being exposed, we have to be honest and take a deep look at the systems and processes which have led us to where we are.

The article -

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Michael Jepson
Michael Jepson
February 25, 2020
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