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    Cyber attacks are a significant and growing risk for all organizations, regardless of size. It’s vital to take steps to protect your organisation’s information systems, data, and public trust. But because the threats change quickly and often, doing so can be challenging.

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The Cyber Security Check Up

The cyber check up and transformation is designed for companies who need to evaluate their current cyber security status. We take a look at your company from all angles starting with an external view.

During the Assessment

The external look will discover what your company’s online footprint is and how an attacker may exploit this. We then move internally and look at all your current processes and systems to check how an attacker can extract data or leverage a weakness. Once we have assessed your companies cyber as a whole, we will work with you to deliver a 12-month transformation package.

Work in line with your companies needs

We work within your companies’ budgets to bring you in line with industry best practises, we take the time to understand your business requirements and work alongside everyone in the organisation to transform your businesses cyber security practises.

What can be discovered on assessment?

  • All full evaluation of your business’s cyber security
  • A 12-month plan of how to transform your business to be secure
  • Full company cyber awareness and culture change
  • Technical assessments and reports
  • Constant consultancy and guidance throughout

Your Cyber Essentials

Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest threats facing your business? Find out now with our free Cyber Essentials Guide, downloadable direct to your inbox.

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