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    North Star Cyber Security uses the latest techniques and facilities to extract, process, analyse and present forensic material. The use of electronic devices contains huge amounts of information such as smart phones, PDAs, tablets, digital storage devices, and numerous items found in the office and home. Sometimes digital forensics is required to ensure data preservation, extraction, examination and the recovery of deleted information.

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Computer Forensics

North Star have vast experience in the recovery and examination of both present and deleted data. By using the latest in forensic tools, coupled with exceptionally experienced and qualified forensic analysts, data can be analysed and recovered leading to potentially key evidence in investigations. Our experts have years of experience in dealing with forensic of Windows, MAC and Linux for both computers and mobile devices.

Data Recovery

By mistake or with malicious intent people regular delete or attempt to hide data. At North Star Cyber Security our data recovery experts can recover the majority of deleted data attempts. We provide a proactive approach with the latest software to recover data and also offer a reactive service in the event of data being deleted.

Digital Media Investigations

Some cases require professionals to look deep into social media or online information, also known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Our staff are made up of ex government and ex UK military personnel who are experts in finding any detail of information about their targets through information that is open to the public domain. In addition, we have expertise in dark web analysis to cover all areas of the world wide web.

How we can help

  • Qualified, experienced forensics consultants to unlock a multitude of devices
  • Forensic expertise to recover deleted or encrypted data
  • Ex-military Open Source Intelligence analysts to provide social media investigations
  • Data recovery of data on devices such as Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS
  • Work with within the legal requirements on UK Law and digital forensics
  • Analysis of log files, user activity and other behavior to establish a timeline of events
  • Operates alongside any incident response team in ongoing investigations

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