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    A cyber attack Is no longer something organisations can say will not happen to them. In 2019 Hiscox insurance reported that 61% of organisations had some kind of cyber attack with one small UK business successfully hacked every 19 seconds.

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What is incident response?

Knowing what to do, who to call and how quickly to act are all things which can affect how severely your business is affected by a cyber attack. An incident response plan will be your companies guide on exactly what to do in case this emergency happens. It is no different to having a plan in case of a fire or other disaster.

Why do you need a plan?

Having an incident response plan means that your organisation is prepared should you come under attack by cyber criminals. At North Star we will help you to write your plan, create a plan action plan for employees to follow including what lines of communication to use, who needs to do what and who needs to be alerted should data be stolen.

Putting it to the test

North Star Cyber Security will not only help you create the plan, but we will also run a simulation cyber attack to test your incident response plan, this will be conducted without the knowledge of the majority of staff and at different levels. This will ensure you are ready for when a real attack does happen.


  • Employees know who to contact in event of a breech
  • Designated Incident responder appointed
  • A tested plan which will help reduce time in a real-world attack
  • Your own company manual for employees to follow
  • A list of contact numbers for you to all in emergencies
  • On-call incident response team available
  • Technical countermeasures in place to ensure attack paths are limited
  • For a 24/7/365 on incident response team check out Cyber Secure Response

Peace of mind you're protected

Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest threats facing your business? Get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you to on what steps you should be taking to keep your business secure.

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