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    Threat hunting is a buzzword in cyber security at the moment, but do you what does it really means? Should your organisation be threat hunting and where would you even begin?

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What is Threat Hunting?

To threat hunt means to proactively search for malware or attackers that are lurking in your network and systems.

Cyber Theft

They could be quietly stealing data, patiently listening in for confidential information, or moving through the network looking for credentials they can use to steal your companies most sensitive information.

Protect your Business Against Threats

At North Star Cyber Security our threat hunters are effectively detectives. They combine the technical cyber skills for penetration testing, forensics, auditing, and big data analysis with a wealth of knowledge of the latest threats that are in the wild.

What we'll do

  • Identify and understand threats, potential blind spots, and avenues of attack
  • Establish a baseline for normal and defining abnormal behaviour
  • Automated scanning for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to identify known threats
  • Network packet capture and analysis
  • Gather information on historical threats and previous security incidents

Peace of mind you're protected

Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest threats facing your business? Get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you to on what steps you should be taking to keep your business secure.

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