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    Due to the very nature of online applications such as websites being publicly accessible, they can be easily attacked from anywhere in the world at any time, website security is becoming one of the most worrying issues facing any business today.

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Penetration Test

Flaws in websites and applications have resulted in hackers stealing millions of credit card details, causing businesses to suffer major financial loss, reputational damages and loss of customer confidence. The average website is attacked 44 times a day, most hackers are successful against websites that are missing secure configurations, something a penetration test will discover.


Our experienced and skilled team at North Star Cyber Security use industry recognised methodologies to assess your applications and determine even the smallest of issues which may be present. We are experts at testing web applications, mobile applications and custom-built internal applications.

Website Protection

We follow the OWASP top 10 as a basis for security testing, the OWASP is a set standard of common application exploits. Once the application is checked against the OWASP top 10 we delve further into more obscure exploits to ensure your websites protection.

What can be discovered on assessment?

  • By conducting a penetration test, you’ll receive a thorough understanding of the business risks posed by your web applications.
  • Detailed knowledge about the security posture of your web applications.
  • A comprehensive report showing the real and likely attacks that relate to your application.
  • This report details the priority order for security improvements, outlining how to increase the security of your web applications
  • Authorisation: Access Control, Session Management, Authentication and Backdoors within code
  • Security Configuration: Security Architecture, Error Handling and Logging, Internal Security and Output Encoding
  • Data Protection: Communication Security, Cryptography, HTTP Security and Input Validation

Peace of mind you're protected

Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest threats facing your business? Get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you to on what steps you should be taking to keep your business secure.

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