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    Our highly qualified team of specialist cyber security consultants conduct an infrastructure security tests the same way an attacker would. Our team consists of both TIGER scheme and CREST certified testers, each with a wealth of experience in carrying out infrastructure testing.

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Infrastructure Penetration Test

An infrastructure penetration test is a method to determine the security of your computing networks and infrastructure such as devices, servers, routers, firewalls, by simulating a malicious attack. Infrastructure testing can include either internal or external networks.

Combined Techniques

During a North Star penetration test we combine both manual and automated techniques to help ensure that your systems are thoroughly checked in the most time and cost-effective manner.

Comprehensive Report

On completion we provide a comprehensive report telling you exactly where your vulnerabilities are and how to secure your business against future attacks. We are also always on hand to provide consultation on completion of the penetration testing and advise the best way to securing business moving forwards.

What can be discovered on assessment?

  • Identify the “holes” within your firewall configuration that could be abused.
  • Highlight how a remote attacker could compromise your public-facing systems and the associated business risks or how an attacker in your system can gain complete take over.
  • A comprehensive report outlining the security exposures of your network, including high impact recommendations and root causes.
  • Vulnerability Identification – using a variety of scanning techniques we accurately identify your systems and services that are open to the Internet.
  • A security roadmap and action plan detailing how to resolve issues.
  • Vulnerability Exploitation – Using the software and OS version gathered, vulnerabilities are identified to determine the possible attack vectors to compromise your systems.
  • Exploitation – These vulnerabilities are triggered using exploit databases, open source exploit frameworks and commercial exploit packages to compromise your systems.
  • Brute Force Attacks – Administration ports and web interfaces are discovered. Customised login attempts are automated to compromise accounts with weak or common passwords.

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