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    Whilst normal penetration testing will help you find common vulnerabilities and problems within your networks or applications, they are restrictive to imitating how an attacker will break into your business. We can provide real world simulation hacking that will look at your organisation from every angle.

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Red Team Testing

A Red Team engagement allows the tester for a much wider reach of testing, imitating a similar methodology to what an attacker would do. This allows our highly skilled technical consultants to utilise real world tactics similar to that of a hacker would use, gaining entry into your business from every way possible.

Simulation of a Real Life Cyber Attack

At North Star Cyber Security, we will draw from our experience in the most elite units of the British Military, UK government and commercial sectors to provide you the closest experience you can have to a real-life attack. Our consultants will test your physical security, technical security and personnel security to attempt to breach your company’s defences.

Comprehensive Report

Throughout the assessment, North Star will be able to help shape, test and evaluate your organisation’s threat profile to help you protect against realistic and advanced attacks. We work within your desired scope and will provide you with a detailed report of events that happened.

What can be discovered on assessment?

  • Gain a better understanding of how cyber attackers gain access to your environment, network and sensitive data.
  • Validate your organisation’s security posture and its important assets.
  • Contextualise business process improvements by delivering more intelligence on the risks, their impact and remediation options.
  • Your physical security – building entry, locks, server security, cameras.
  • Company process – changing passwords, keeping sensitive data locked away, level accesses,
  • Employees level of security – sensitive information on desks, tail gating, general security awareness.

Peace of mind you're protected

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