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    Wireless has been designed and created to provides easy internet access for either work or home life. It is this ease of usability that allows security risks if the wireless networks are not configured correctly.

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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing is an extremely important part of cyber security for businesses with wireless network as part of their infrastructure. If guests can access the corporate network from the guest WiFi or rogue access point can connect to the corporate network you run the risk of your sensitive information being exposed.

Data Breach Prevention

Wireless penetration testing will discover if an attacker to break into your corporate network through design flaws with the WiFi configurations, preventing your business from having a data breach.

Cyber Awareness

Attackers can buy extremely cheap routers to act as rogue access points, tricking staff to connect to their access point. This threat is unknown to most businesses and employees. Our experienced consultants can provide guidance to secure your wireless network alongside providing training to staff to enhance their cyber awareness.

What can be discovered on assessment?

  • Wireless fingerprinting, information leakage and signal leakage;
  • Determining encryption weaknesses, such as encryption cracking, wireless sniffing and session hijacking;
  • Identifying opportunities to penetrate a network by using wireless or evading WLAN access control measures; and
  • Identifying legitimate users’ identities and credentials to access otherwise private networks and services.
  • A comprehensive report outlining the security exposures of your wireless network, including high impact recommendations and root causes.
  • 802.1x authentication attacks, de-authentication and brute force attacks, both online and offline.
  • Access control bypass techniques like NAC bypass, Firewall bypass and Denial of Service bypass.
  • Client attacks such as rogue access points, end user exploitation and session hijacking.

Peace of mind you're protected

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