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    Over 90% of cyber attacks are due to human error. All too often CEOs confronted with cyber-attacks tend to fret about possible weaknesses in their technology defences, rather than taking a hard look at the people in their organisation.

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Training Experience

North Star Cyber Security trainers have trained over hundreds of staff in cyber security, from the military, government and some of the UK’s largest consultancies.

Enjoyable Cyber Security Training

Our unique approach of making cyber security interesting, fun and most importantly understandable has led to North Star providing top class cyber security training. We can provide a tailored package that fits within your working routine.

Staff Awareness

Our aim is to ensure your staff become more aware of the current threats within the industry, how to protect themselves and how to protect your business. We use a mixture of in-house training and the latest cyber security training software to keep your staff at the height of awareness to any potential threats.



  • Staff become aware of cyber security and less likely to accidently allow an attacker into their systems
  • Promoting cyber security throughout the business
  • Less financial impact of an attacker stealing money
  • Less chance of a data breach
  • All employees view cyber security as part of their daily routine

Peace of mind you're protected

Is your IT security sufficient to tackle the latest threats facing your business? Get in touch and we'd be happy to advise you to on what steps you should be taking to keep your business secure.

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