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    Threats come from any level in an organisation, and higher-level employees with more access are often a bigger threat. According to a Dell study which surveyed cyber security professionals, 59% listed managers as one of the biggest insider threats in cyber security.

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Key Benefits

  • Continuous vulnerability management
  • PCI-DSS approved testing tools
  • Red Team Assessment from industry experts
  • Thorough internal penetration test, multiple times a year
  • Real life cyber attack simulation

What Our Cyber Secure
Internal Package Offers You

Our Cyber Secure Internal package will look at consist of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests on a frequent basis. If required, we can meet PCI DSS with our vulnerability scanning and penetration testing needs. After completing a full in-depth vulnerability assessment and internal penetration test, we work with your in-house IT team or outsourced IT team to manage the vulnerabilities and plan to re-mediate the issues.

We continue to test for new vulnerabilities that maybe be released to keep your systems and your business up to date against the latest threats and attacks. We also look at the business from a physical cyber-attack and replicate a real time cyber security attack within the year, otherwise known as a red team assessment.

Key Service Features

  • Test performed by CREST certified testers
  • The most comprehensive scanning tools on the market combined with expert manual testing
  • Real time threat intelligence feeds to keep up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities
  • Detailed executive and technical reporting
  • Tailored to your organisation to suit your requirements

Why This Approach?

From un-patched vulnerabilities to third-party apps installed by employees, unsecured or out of date software and systems is one of the biggest insider threats to companies. 99.9% of successful hacks take advantage of vulnerabilities that have been known for at least a year. Sometimes the IT team is negligent, but often there are complex organisational or infrastructure problems behind poor software security.

Businesses need to look at cyber security as a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’. Attackers have cunning methods of getting inside organisations through a variety of methods including walking through the front door!

We identify all vulnerabilities in your internal systems and offices and manage the vulnerabilities effectively. Too many business leave themselves exposed for years as they do not have the staff to deal with them. We are on hand to solve this issue.

We can identify the threats that your company
will be facing and can adapt our approach
to deal with these specific cyber-attacks.

Why Choose
North Star Cyber Security?

We have a new approach to cyber security and protecting businesses against cyber-attacks. One in five businesses do not have cyber security tests and the other four are only being tested once a year. At North Star we provide managed security services for all of our clients, this approach ensures our clients are protected in all areas of cyber security 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Not only this but we will tailor our packages and testing to individual industry and client specifics. Our consultants have years of industry experience and hold qualifications from CREST, ISO27001, CISM and more. Testing or monitoring your cyber assets once a year is no longer sufficient, there are new threats being found on a daily basis.